is it a collection of poetry? is it interactive fiction? is it an epic poem? is it a game? is it a monologue? is it a zine? is it unchecked pretension? you decide

once you begin deciding some arrows will appear. you can use those to navigate and revisit what you have already acknowledged


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Hey, I liked this a lot! It's a new way of showcasing multiple poems. I assumed that each link word is the title of the next poem, which is a very neat interactive format. Maybe there could be a table of contents at some point? That you fill in with each new poem you find? Cause it's hard to find them again if you want to reread lol.

I wonder how you came up with a way to link each poem together like that, like if you chose a word first and then wrote the next poem based off of it, or if you wrote the poems and then found common words in between them? Either way I liked the idea a lot and also related to a good number of the poems. They were pretty relatable, and some of them gave me chills at the creativity of the expression like "Really Happening" / poem with stag man.

Hi! Thank you so much for your kind words. In answer to your question about whether I choose words or write poems first, the answer is a little bit of both! I've done a couple of these collections now (and intend to do more), and I usually start with a number of poems that I write beforehand. Once I throw those into Twine, I'm able to more easily see which paths might need more fleshing out/which areas and ideas in the collection could benefit from more writing. After I've done that I usually pick a few words within  the poems in those areas and try to spin those out into additional poems that fit the theme!

Thanks for your suggestion about a table of contents, that's actually something I've considered in the past but haven't implemented. If I put them in in future collections they'll probably only be accessible after the "player" has found everything (since part of the fun of designing/writing these collections for me is the inherent uncertainty for the reader that they've seen everything; even I forget what's in them sometimes), but I'll definitely take it under advisement!